June learned about the Mature Moves OKC team when attending a local workshop titled, “11 Critical Things You Should Know Before Making a Move.” June was very diligent in her decision-making efforts, attending at least two different workshops offered by our group before choosing to sign a lease at an independent living community in Northwest Oklahoma City.


When asked how she came to the decision to move from her home, she said, “It has just become more than I can take care of.”

An avid artist, sculptor and painter, June had many beautiful things in her home for which she had to find a place (lots of books too). As difficult as it was to part with some of the artwork, she was even more concerned about what she would do with her easels, drafting table, and supplies. A part of her wanted to keep them and continue to paint and sculpt, but the other part of her was ready for new experiences and hobbies.

June also had a roommate named Maggie, a 65 lb golden retriever. Maggie was well-behaved and house broken, but was too large for June to handle. At the senior community, although they accepted pets, June would need to take Maggie for walks and clean up after her.

After creating an initial game plan for June’s move, we consulted with her for a couple of months in preparation for placing the home on the market (including finding a home for Maggie). She had an amazing and helpful group of friends from church who pitched in to help pack, organize, and stage an estate sale. Our move management team found a loving new home for Maggie with a family who agreed to take her to visit June a couple of times a month.

In addition to selling her home for more than the listed price, our team was able to ease the burden of handling all the tasks associated with moving, such as finding a qualified and reputable mover, having utilities transferred or shut off, submitting change of address information, and coordinating moving-day details with the various people assisting with the move.

When asked about her experience, here is what June said.

“I worried for over a year about moving. I put it off and put it off thinking that I couldn’t handle it. It all seemed so overwhelming. Had I known that Mature Moves OKC could handle all the things I was uncertain about, I would have moved a long time ago. What seemed so hard in my mind was actually very easy with all the help I had.”

June now lives in a 2 bedroom independent senior living apartment where she uses the second bedroom as an art studio.