This theme is built to integrate with IDX Broker Platinum. To enable IDX features you must sign up for an IDX Platinum Account.

IDX Widgets (enabled after IDX activation)

  • Lead Login
  • Lead Sign Up
  • Property Showcase
  • Quick Search
  • City Links
  • Quick Search Scroll Spy
  • IDX Pages created in the your IDX dashboard are automatically pulled into a metabox on the menus page, allowing you to easily add them to a custom menu.

Sample pages built through IDX Broker:


The IDX services that we provide integration for are not included with Curb Appeal. While we have developed the theme to integrate nicely with these IDX services, we do not provide the actual service ourselves. That must be obtained by IDX Broker. The IDX pages linked to above were created in our IDX dashboard. They are not included with Curb Appeal.