Judy Cawthon
August 8, 2016
Downsizing support

May 2, 2016

Dear Nikki and Chris,

This morning sitting on my patio, coffee in hand, watching the sunrise over the pond and fountain behind my new home, I thought about how delinquent I had been in expressing my gratitude to you both for making this move possible.

As you may remember from our first meeting, I did not want to leave the home that had so many memories for me and I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of organizing, downsizing and finding a place that I would love as much as my home of 26 years. I had been trying to get to that decision and resulting action for over 3 years. Then I read about OKC Mature Moves.

From my first meeting with Nikki, I realized that I would be able to let go of the feeling of being overwhelmed as she told me about the services you would provide to help with the move. She listened carefully to what I would need in a new home, and from that first meeting, I had confidence that she would find one for me.

The second thing holding me back was that I was afraid I would not be able to sell my home without considerable updating. You both convinced me that because of the way you would market my home, that would not be necessary. Now relieved of two of my greatest concerns, I was ready to begin both the search and preparing my home for its sale.

Again, I was amazed at the help I received from OKC Mature Moves team members. Nikki had showings for me within a day of our first meeting, and among those was the one that was to be my new home. As soon as my offer was accepted the following day, you both helped me through the task of preparing my home to be photographed and shown. And, I just wanted to hug you both when just a few hours after the first day of showing began, my house was sold.

Two obstacles down and one to go…the move.

The hardest part of the move for me was the downsizing — the easiest part was the move itself. When friends or family would ask if I needed help, my reply was that Nikki and Chris had it covered. No one, especially friends who had moved recently, could believe how non-stressed I was and how smooth the move went. My move manager was there the last two days to make sure all would go smoothly on moving day. The movers were careful and caring, so responsive to my concerns about particular pieces and changing my mind in furniture placement in the new home.

Through all of this, you both stayed in contact with me as if I were a member of your family, asking me if I needed anything, letting me cry on your shoulder about leaving memories behind and always encouraging me to call or text if I needed anything. The list of things you did even after the move was complete went beyond what I had expected from the Mature Moves services.

When my son asked me yesterday how I was adjusting, I told him that life seems so much easier because, in making this move, I let go of a lot of worries. I have OKC Mature Moves to thank for that, as I could not have done it without you!

So, dear friends, please know how grateful I am and my children are for all that you did to help me through this difficult time and into a home that I have come to love. Thank you both.